Monday, May 2, 2011

Taaiboschfontein Guest Farm

Next stop is Taaiboschfontein Guest Farm, off the N1 between Beaufort Wets and Three Sisters (see the map in one of the earlier posts to see exactly where it is). What a lovely place, run by Markus and Nelia Fourie. Markus is a vet, but also runs a sheep farm, and is the early stages of an aloe nursery, while Nelia runs the guesthouse. Again, great people. Nelia is just gushing love and care for her guests! In many places where you get good service, its often its good service by professionalism, here it's great service from the heart. Definitely worth a stop-over for the Joburg-Cape Town traveller.

Again this part of the karoo veld is looking completely different to anything I have seen before, with much higher rainfall this season than for decades. What a difference a two hundred kilometers make, this is the area of big, wide mountains. The farm is in a valley between two sets of mountains, and a completely different challenge to photograph. 

In the early morning Saturday attempt I thought I had lined up a great shot with a farm road pointing straight at the mountain, so that was going to be my 'leading lines' in the pic. I took a couple of snaps as the sun was coming up, but quickly discovered that the sun was rising directly behind me, and since I was standing just beside a tree, the shadows of me and the tree lined up perfectly with the road, and totaly destroyed the lead-in lines. One morning's photo op wasted! The rest of Saturday was spent wandering around the farm looking for photo opportunities, but still no clouds in sight, and very harsh light, so I only took a few photos.  The early morning and late afternoon sun on the grasses is beautiful, but with the big mountains, big afternoon shadows arrive very quickly and obscure the view, so make it a challenge to find a suitable spot.

Yay! Monday morning brings some clouds, but just when I need to leave! A few early morning pics were reasonably successful, but sadly its time to move on again. This time I'm off to Kraankuil, betewwn De Aar and Hopetown. Hopefully the clouds will follow me.

Some pics from Taaiboschfontein:
Taaiboschfontein Guest Farm Sundown over open Karoo
Sundown over Taaiboschfontein grasslands
Sunrise on Taaiboschfontein
Sunrise on Taaiboschfontein
Taaiboschfontein Guest Farm windmill
Taaiboschfontein farm windmill
Sundown over Taaiboschfontein
Karoo golden grasslands (Taaiboschfontein farm)
Taaiboschfontein Guest Farm wild aloe
Taaiboscfontein Guest Farm wild aloe
Taaiboschfontein before dawn
Taaiboschfontein before dawn
Taaiboschfontein Guest Farm before dawn
Taaiboschfontein before dawn
Taaiboschfontein Guest Farm early morning with Staffie
Taaiboschfontein farm early morning with staffie
Taaiboschfontein Guest Farm early morning
Taaiboschfontein farm early morning

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