Sunday, January 9, 2011

Trip to Golden Gate National Park

Ha, what a trip! Not at all as planned - foreseen as 3 nights camping in a beautiful park, with some late afternoon photographs of the iconic 'Brandewag' sandstone outcrop.

The first warning signs were the weather report of Sunday evening - clouds and rain forecast from Monday to Wednesday, with the first sign of clearing on Thursday, the planned return day!

Leaving Joburg on Monday morning, it seemed at first I may have escaped the worst of the rain, and I arrived at the campsite with clouds, but no rain.  Immediately dragging out the tent to pitch, sadly, it was only a few minutes before the rain arrived in force.

What a soggy mess, no iconic pics, but at least I've learnt a bit about the place, including some of the mountain walks. And a few pics were obtained (see here), but it will definitely need a return trip.