Sunday, August 19, 2012

Richtersveld: Gannakouriep

Once again up well before dawn, we were disappointed to discover a solid bank of low cloud covering us, accompanied by a cold wind.  But knowing how stunning it can look if the sun breaks through and spotlights your target, we decided to walk in the direction of the mountain range, and find a candidate viewing location.  We dragged ourselves up and down a few koppies, first with head torches, and then the pre- dawn light, until we settled on a likely spot, to await a break in the clouds.

Marscape at Gannakouriep
Rictersveld: Gannakouriep in the mist

Sadly, after a hour or two, there was no hint of the clouds lifting, and it was time to pack up again to leave the park, so we returned empty handed. Clearly a place that will need another visit whenever I go back to the park one day.

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